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Led tube

led tube t8-600 12w

led tube t8-600 9w

led tube t8-1200-12W

light tube t8-1200-18W

led lighting tube t5 12w

led tube t5 6w

Led module

5p led module

4p led module

3p led module

1p Piranha led module

Superbright Piranha

samsung led module

Led light strip

led strip waterproof 5050

Led rope light

NF-80R led rope light

Led light bulb

E14 LED Bulbs


JDR-LED light Bulb
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Led auto ight

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Sinholy led

We are professional supplier of LED light strip from china. The life time of our LED Light is about 100, 000+ hours (about 10+ years); white LED is 50, 000+ hours. Advantage of our product is low power consumption and high intensity. Applications of LED Light Strip are architectural decorative, amusement park, theater, aircraft cabin mood, emergency hallway, auditoruim accent, concealed, emergency exit path lighting. We provide high-quality LED Light Strip and competitive price. Please contact us now. thanks.
led light strip led strip led strip

led strip waterproof 5050

IP68 waterproof 5050SMD LED flexible strip
1, 24V Low-voltage DC power supply, safe and convenient;
2, Standard width of 14.5 mm, height 4 mm
3, Use of ultra-bright 5050 SMD LED

led strip waterproof 5050 24v

48 Patent LED/Meter, 25lumen/LED. 1200lumen/Meter.
Waterproof SMD RGB LED strip light (flexible, silicone together with tubing)
PCB thickness: 0.2mm

LED strip /LED Ribbon

1) Continuous length flexible LED light strips
2) 5 meters/roll, cuttable every 5cm
3) Runs on 12-volt systems like solar cell charged batteries
4) Superbright SMD top LED

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