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led lighting tubes T5-27W-HV

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led light tube T5-27W-HV

Download specification here led light tube T5-27W-HV specification


1) Working Voltage: 85~265VAC
2) Power Consumption: 4.5 Watts
3) Light output: 280lm
4) UV-resistant PMMA tube housing, with T5 bi-pin socket at both sides
5) Qty of LED: 24pcs super bright Tri-chip White SMD LEDs
6) Length: 54.0CM (same as traditional T5 fluorescent tube)
7) T5 Diameter: 1.6CM (5/8 inch)
8) Ambient Temperature: -20 ~ 40 degrees Celsius
9) Quick mounting brackets provide ease of installation and lower installation costs
10) Color temperature: 6000K~6500K, 2700K~3300K


1) Solid-state, high shock / vibration resistant
2) Major reduction in power costs
3) No RF interference, No buzzing noise
4) No fluorescent flickering
5) No hazard of mercury or lead entering the environment
6) No danger of broken glass
7) No threat of high-voltage electrocution
8) Maintenance free, easy installation
9) Long lifetime 50, 000+ hrs (5+ years)
10) Low power consumption, high intensity


1) Bus, shuttle, railcar passenger interiors
2) Uninterrupted emergency lighting
3) Focused reading and Task lighting
4) Interior design uses
5) Retail store displays
6) Closet illumination
7) Cove lighting
8) Marine recreation applications
9) Concealed accent lighting
10) Edge lighting
11) Under counter lighting
12) Cubicle, workbench lighting
13) Recreational vehicle interiors

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