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LED Tube-T51200-12W

  Led module

4p led module

3p ledmodule

3p led bar

1p led module

Led light tube

led light tube t8

led lighting tube t10

led light tube t5-24W-24V

led light tubes t5-27W-HV

Led rope light

NF-80R led rope light

LED rope QL-C100

Led light rope QL-2D

Led light bulb

E14 LED Bulbs


JDR-LED light Bulb

GU10 LED light Bulbs

GU10-C3W LED Bulbs

MR16 white LED Bulb

E27:Power LED Bulbs

MR16-C3W: LED Bulb

E27:LED lighting Bulbs

MR11 :LEDs Bulbs

E27-1W12-W:LED Bulb

JDR: LED lights Bulbs

led light tubes

led tube T51200-12W

Features of the Products

Ø         Energy saving up to 60%+. high intensity

Ø         Good Design for heat dissipation, 5-year life span

Ø         Special different view angles mixing lighting design

Ø         Instant start, no flickering, no humming

Ø         New inner high efficiency (90%) constant current driver, with heat protection system, can work under unstable voltage

Ø         Special circuit design, each LED work separately, avoiding the single broken LED influence problem Electric wave resistant

Ø         No fluorescent flickering

Ø         No hazard of mercury or lead entering the environment

Ø         No RF interference

Ø         CE, ROHS compliant


l         Heavy Manufacturing Firms

l         Commercial Complexes and other Public facilities

l         Data processing centers

l         Hotel    Hospital

l         Schools, Colleges & Universities

l         Places where need energy saving and high color rendering index lighting

l         High maintenance or temperature sensitive environment

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